PowerBi Yahoo Fantasy Analysis

The NHL season is over. It's time to look back at the season and the data it created.  We've created a simple but effective yet interactive guide to this season's stats.

We've taken the Top 200 players (plus a few that we think might make an impact in 2022-2023)

We are using a typical league scoring results.  

Fantasy Hockey awards points for a variety of activities that the NHL does not.  So the question is who scores the most points from a Fantasy point of view? 

Points are accumulated for

Goals (G)   3 points

Assists (A)           1.5 points

Plus/Minus (+/-)    .2 points

Penalty Minutes (PIM)   .5 points

Powerplay Points (PPP)   .5 points

Shorthanded Points (SHP) 2 points

Game-Winning Goals (GWG) 2 points

Shots on Goal (SOG) 0.4 points

Faceoffs Won (FW) 0.2 points

Faceoffs Lost (FL)       -0.2 points

Hits (HIT) 0.2 points

Blocks (BLK)         0.4 points

So the question is which player adds points for every minute they are on the ice?  And which player gets the most points per Game? 

2022 saw a clear winner in both these questions.  

Auston Mathews, the NHL's MVP 

Below, we have some slides to help you navigate our Power Bi presentation. We highly recommend you "open in a new window" once you get to the Power Bi  presentation. 

Below you'll find the interactive Power BI slides. 

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