TacosOverflow.com README file.

TacosOverflow.com  is a lab experiment || proof of concept ||  

the overall premise is that generalized search  results are corrupt(ed). 

we seek to deliver search results about a single inquiry in a stakeholder friendly manner.   Once the workflow is established (reproducible) we would expand the search offerings to other websites devoted to a particular (singular)  inquiry. 

Where to start? 

we used google search trends to find a term or phrase that would be as ubiquitous as possible.  

Who doesn't like Tacos?  

we settled on TacosOverflow and grabbed the domain name. we also copyrighted the logo you see above. 

Why WordPress?  

the ultimate goal is to re-create this website to other search terms, many of which we have already acquired those appropriate domain names. WordPress offers us an out of  box template from which to begin. 

Database or not to Database? 

this is where we currently find ourselves. 

we are developing workflows that best serve our consumer. the website is of a material design with minimal distractions. 

the "purpose" of the site is    To. Find. Tacos.       that's it.  

so how best to do that is what occupies us daily. 

as we move this process forward we will detail our discoveries here.  if we had to 'pay' for any plug-ins we will detail that here as well. 

Page 90001

simple list of locations using the 'paragraph'  style block. 

we also embedded a Power Bi map at the bottom of the page using 'Custom HTML' block 

Page 90002

Using the 'List' block, the page looks a bit tighter, and quicker to read. We lost some of the formatting using this method. (font is a default) 

Page 90003

using TablePress  plug-in and a short code. 

this provides a "table" appearance, and is completely sortable if controls are enabled.  we've lost some formatting, that might be regained in a "premium" offering. 

feel compelled to know more? 👇🏼 you can reach out to us on Instagram 👇🏼